Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Christian Responds to the LGBTieS part 2

This is an update, the following was the response that I have received from my previous email which was my initial response:

"I have taken a look at the heretical document of what Mr. Mel White used as a defense for a supposed justified sin. Here is a question If anyone needs to justify their sin with the word of God and without Jesus then why do people justify their sin with the word of God? I mean where is the conviction that comes with it. I mean does anyone read the Bible for what it really is. A convicting tool for sinners instead of a comfortable play land of sin. Does anyone ever realize what they really are when it comes to sin? Does anyone realize they have a need for a savior instead of a need for sin? Does anyone realize when people use explanationism, excusism, avoidism, and any other isms as a relative means as well as logical reasonability to say if the words are not there that it is okay to do anything? How about Christ there may been clear indications of what he was to do but lets say he didn't see the words for what they really are. If that was the case for Him then would he glorify Himself or not? If Mr. Mel White needs logical reasonability and relativism and specified words to specifically talk about homosexuality then he is pretty much with the group of people in John 2:23-25.This is where Jesus did a miracle and afterward people was willing to believe in Him only because of the miracle and not Him personally. If you want to talk I am open to talk to you but you better believe as I sit and type this out I am going to share with you a story that you are familiar with but just don't know that well. I will continue to look at Mr. Mel's heretical docuement and I will even use the verses he used as well as others that will be used to tell the story. Until we meet [...] let me know where you want to meet and we can have a one on one conversation. I will say this I don't believe that homosexuals should be harmed as far as physical contact is concerned. I will say this though what I will be sharing with you you may find offensive. If you do find it offensive, or use it as a defense as a suggestion I would read Genesis 3:15 and Genesis 6:5. Why did I suggest that because whether or not you want to believe it we are all born in enimity. Which means those who have no conviction of their sin or regenerative heart according to Ezekiel 36:26-27 then people without God will hate God. Well here ya go. [...] By the way in case of no "suprise" I am a student at ETSU."


  1. The following response was issued as of today:

    "Greetings again,

    After reading through your second email, it is apparent to me that you seem only interested in defending your fundamentalist views of Christian doctrine to me rather than having a civil discussion. Please correct my misperception if I am wrong, but as I stated earlier to you I am not interested in engaging in such an exercise in futility. Frankly I do not have the time to spend doing so, especially when I am a Senior who is trying to graduate this semester.

    I did not recommend the article by Rev. Mel White to you as a means of defense on my part, I merely offered it to you as a suggested reading because of the nature of your comments. I will say, however, that I have no intention whatsoever of defending my views to you of the verses written in the Christian Bible or my interpretation of those verses against an ideology that you appear to have embraced, one which seems to suggest that gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered persons are sinners because of their sexual orientation or gender identity or gender expression or the mere fact that they have chosen to be honest and open about those identities.

    Should you have anything further to add, or should you wish still to meet with me and have a civil discussion without the ideology, I am willing to do so. However, please be aware that since I have now hid nothing from you with regards to my identity or my contact information, I expect that, since you have stated that you are an ETSU student, you will do the same. Please address all future correspondence to me from your goldmail.etsu.edu email account if I am to continue any further diaologue with you, as any future email messages not addressed as such will not receive any further response."

  2. This is why you shouldn't try to fight them on their own pathetic, superstitious grounds.

  3. Yeah I agree with Replica. I for one thought that particular flier was great (my favorite was the Peeps though).

    On that note, sweet I finally found the twitter and the blog! I'm at ETSU and I try to make it out to the LGBTies meetings but they're always on the days I work :/ but now I can keep up!